dimarts, 29 de març de 2011


After tasting a wide veriety of London's best places for cupcakes, Eva and I have made a list of the 4 bakeries where you can eat the best cupcakes anyone can taste in the city.

1. Peggy Porschen. www.peggyporschen.com
Set in Chelsea area, makes you feel like being inside the Strawberry Shortcake world. Absolutely everything in the shop is pink coloured! A part from buying cupcakes and decorated cakes and cookies, you can also have a sit and ask for a cup of tea.
We do agree with what they say in their website:  A place "where sublime taste and breathtakingly gorgeous design go hand-in-hand with impeccable service." Over all, and the most important to us, the taste. Their cupcakes are very tasty and spongy. Don't miss the sticky toffee one.
Absolutely sublime! Another one you shouldn't miss: banoffee cupcake (if you like banana).

2. Second place is for Humingbird Bakery. http://hummingbirdbakery.com
If you are having a walk in Portobello Market and you see a long cue coming from a small shop, it's probably the cue that every saturday you'll find in Humingbird Bakery. Even freezing outside, anyone minds to stand waiting for a while if the reward is a cupcake from the Humingbird Bakery. Their best-seller: the vanilla cupcake. It deserves to ask for one, as it is absolutely amazing (both: dougn and icing). But don't stay just tasting vanilla one. Try the red velvet cupcake: a red base covered with a perfect cheese cream icing. Don't miss it! And another spectacular one: Chocolate malts cupcakes. Chocolate base, Sticky toffee icing and some Maltesers on the top. Unmissable!!

3. Bea's of Bloomsbury. http://www.beasofbloomsbury.com
For the best tea-time menu in the city, don't miss Bea's of Bloomsbury. You'll need to cue, specially at the weekend -as they just make bookings during the week, not at the weekend-, but if you can get a table, you'll enjoy it! You'll taste not just cupcakes but also meringues, and -over all- the best scone ever. Their cupcakes are good -specially the blueberry one-, but our recomendation is to ask for the whole afternoon tea menu.

4. Primrose Bakery.  http://www.primrosebakery.org.uk
Although we expected Primrose to be the best, we got a bit disappointed to find that it was not. Their cupcakes are good, no doubt. But we found out they sell cupcakes made the day before -and even two days before-, so they are dry and non spongy. Eventhough, we tasted a very good  and fresh one: the peanut butter cupcake. Delicious!. Primrose Bakery is a place not to be missed, as it is set in Primrose Hill, in a very nice tea shop where you can have a good tea or coffee with a good cupcake. Ask the waitress for  the cupcake of the day and you'll make sure it is fresh.

Marta Comas


Després d'un període breu de desconnexió del blog -que no de fer galetes, cupcakes i pastissos-, el reprenem amb una bona notícia:
Ja us podeu apuntar als nous cursos de cupcakes i galetes decorades que farem properament a l'Ateneu de Sant Cugat (http://www.ateneu.cat/content/cursos-i-tallers). Teniu la informació a la pàgina 4 del programa que tenen adjuntat al seu web en pdf. Els veureu a l'apartat de "nous cursos"

La informació pràctica:

Magdalenes decorades
Dijous de 18 a 19.30 h
26 de maig, 2, 9 i 16 de juny
Preu: 60 €/ Preu soci: 57€
Prof.: Marta Comas
i Eva Fernàndez

Galetes decorades
Dijous de 18 a 19.30 h
28 d’abril, 5, 12 i 19 de maig
Preu: 60€ / Preu soci: 57€
Prof.: Marta Comas
i Eva Fernàndez

Les inscripcions són a l'Ateneu Santcugatenc  (Ateneu Santcugatenc Plaça Pep Ventura, 1, Sant Cugat del Vallès
Horari de secretaria: De dilluns a divendres  de 9 a 13 h i de 16 a 20.30 h Telèfon: 936 745 195
Us hem de dir que ens estrenem amb el de cupcakes. En canvi, el de galetes decorades serà la segona edició. La primera, el passat novembre, va ser tot un èxit. Ens ho vam passar molt bé, i també les participants (o això ens vau dir!!). Us n'adjuntem unes fotos: